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Eyelash Extensions

Maintaining the integrity of the natural lash is always my main goal. During your consultation I will give my professional recommendation on appropriate lengths and thicknesses for each natural lash. Placing a long heavy extension on a lash is simple enough. But, if the client does not have a natural lash strong enough to support the weight of that extension, we can risk damaging the natural lashes and follicles will fail to produce healthy eyelashes moving forward.

Everyone is unique and needs their set to be tailored to their specific needs to achieve the look they desire while maintaining healthy lashes. We offer synthetic mink lashes, cashmere flat lashes, and also volume lashes.


Synthetic Mink

Synthetic Mink Lashes are standard for classic lashing and hybrid sets at just about any salon you will find.They are applied 1:1 ratio, one extension per one natural lash. They offer a beautiful enhanced black mascara look, with permanent curl. These lashes are always a great option for first time clients. The results depend on length and strength of your natural lashes as well as how many natural lashes are lashable.

(Note: All semi-permanent eyelash extensions, with the exception of real mink, are made from a synthetic PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) or polyester resin, similar to plastic.)


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Cashmere flat lashes are also used for classic and hybrid sets with a 1:1 ratio. They have an oval base that allows for more surface area to make contact with the natural lash, providing a better seal of the extension to the natural lash. This style of lashes tend to have better retention then synthetics. Cashmere lashes, due to their shape, have the appearance of being thicker without the added weight.This is great for clients with fine lashes or clients looking for a bold black mascara look.


Volume lashes are ultra thin individual extensions that are used to meticulously hand make 2D-5D fans to be placed onto one single natural lash. These lashes are the definition of fluffy and can really make the eyes pop! Volume sets can be tailored from natural to dramatic depending on the clients preference and the strength of the natural lash. The application of volumes is very strategic and can take up to 2.5-3 hours for a full set.

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